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you knew exactly how much and what to eat to support your fitness and lifestyle goals?


You reclaimed your confidence in not only yourself, but your body, your nutrition, & training?


you never had to go on another diet for the rest of your life, or wonder “am I doing this right?”

...without cutting out any of your favorite foods, or spending hours and hours in the gym every day?


  • You're spending hours and hours in the gym and you feel like you're doing everything right, but still aren’t seeing the progress you want and those last few stubborn pounds just. won't. budge... 
  • You have turned to templated diet programs, fads, MLMs, meal plans, macro calculators, food trackers, etc to try to figure out how much and what to eat...
  • You're tired of diet plans that feel restrictive, complicated, and/or unsustainable...
  • You're frustrated with all the conflicting and/or wrong information out there in internetland...
  • You're dealing with other issues like menstrual cycle irregularities, frequent injuries, plateau with strength gains, poor sleep, low energy, poor focus, loss of sex drive, or obsessing about your next meal...
  • You're tired of dealing with self-sabotage, negative self talk, low self-confidence, and lack of boundaries in your life...
  • You wish you could look in the mirror without picking yourself apart, or be able to just get dressed and head out the door...

Maybe you feel like just giving up, because this whole nutrition thing is too damn complicated and overwhelming! But you know you can't keep spinning your wheels, and I don’t blame you! Not seeing results sucks. And seeing other women having success and looking so good can be frustrating, especially when you’re working your ass off!


...But it does not have to be this way!

“I think the biggest thing that came from it is realizing my own self- worth, realizing that I am more than a number, more than a size on a pair of pants or a shirt… And that I have more to give.”

- Mindy C., August 2021

In 12 weeks, learn how to get stronger, have more energy, feel better in your skin, & eat MORE food - while also navigating any mindset challenges that may come along with it. 



✔ You are tired of dieting and/or struggling with your nutrition, and want to learn how to implement a custom, sustainable, & flexible approach that you can take with you for the rest of your life (no more yo-yo diets!)


✔ You are looking to improve your physical and mental well-being, self-esteem, sleep, energy levels, nutrition and exercise habits, mindset, & relationships, and you want to feel good day in and day out.


✔ You love learning via self-paced courses, and you do well with trusting the process and implementing the knowledge presented to you


✔ You are wanting to connect, learn, and get daily and weekly support from TWO coaches and a rad community of like-minded individuals


✔ You have been told, or you suspect, that you need to eat MORE food - aka start a reverse diet - but you have NO idea how to do that or where to start!

Yes! I'd like to book a free call!


  • You get access to a self-paced digital course with proven systems & structure, to help you accomplish your goals every single week.
  • This is a high touch group program - meaning you get daily access to your coaches & other group members via weekly coaching calls, a group WhatsApp chat, and a private community - for all the support and answers to your questions.
  • You are met with compassion & understanding - not shame or guilt, and you are held to your highest standard. We want you to succeed!
  • You're taught how much to eat for you & your goals using a combination of macro-based and intuitive approaches. No more avoiding your favorite foods!
  • This is custom & sustainable for you & your situation - no diet templates, meal plans, crash diets, fads, MLM products, etc.
  • ​It’s not just about nutrition - we take a very holistic and full-body approach to focus on lifestyle, exercise, mindset, hormones, self talk, gut health, and more
  • I care deeply about each of my clients and build a lasting relationship with them! You aren't "just another client." 


Nutrition + Tracking 101

Learn how much you’re eating vs how much you should be eating, all about macronutrients, how to properly track your food, how long you can expect a reverse diet to take, & way more.

Mindset, Body Image, + More

Dig deep into why you do or believe the things that you do. We’ll also discuss and learn how to combat body image issues, limiting beliefs, & more.

Biofeedback 101

Understand what biofeedback is, and why it's a key part of your journey. Plus, get exclusive access to tools and templates I use with my 1:1 clients to help monitor your progress and keep you on track!

Dieting Seasons

You'll learn about the optimal order to cut, maintain, and bulk. You'll learn more about reverse dieting and will be able to plan out your whole year of phases!

Exercise & Metabolism

You'll learn about the ideal training frequency, how many rest days you should aim for, & sports supplementation basics (what even is creatine, and should you take it?)

Setting Yourself up for Success

Audit your boundaries, complete journal prompts and worksheets, and learn about journaling, grounding, and other self-care practices. This isn't just about nutrition!

“The biggest win was how I deal with stress now, and maintaining those boundaries. And just being a better mom and a better wife and being better with my patients.

- Leah M., Nov 2021


Go From This:


  • Being frustrated & confused on how to properly fuel your body
  • Thinking you need to eat more food, but aren't sure how to navigate a reverse diet
  • Struggling to get out of the all-or-nothing mindset
  • Trying endless amounts of diet apps or restrictive templates & not seeing results
  • Having 0 boundaries in your life
  • Falling for the newest restrictive fad diet or strategy to try to reach your goals
  • Feeling controlled by poor body image & your relationship to food
  • Not trusting yourself to set your own macros, or even figuring out how *not* to track

To This:


  • Knowing how much to eat to fuel your body and reach your goals
  • Understanding how to properly navigate a reverse diet and EAT MORE FOOD!
  • Being more comfortable in the "messy middle"/grey areas of life
  • Never using another dieting app because you know how to get results on your own!
  • Starting to implement boundaries
  • No more fad diets or restricting foods - so you can enjoy that family pizza night! 
  • Experiencing food freedom + learning to respect & appreciate your body
  • Confidently setting your own macros, and trusting yourself when you don't track


  • 3+ months of weekly group coaching calls w/2 coaches for live coaching ($3,000+ value)
  • Lifetime community access w/coaches (priceless)
  • 5+ fillable worksheets ($250+ value)
  • 3 tracking spreadsheets ($150 value)
  • 20+ Downloadable PDFs ($1,000+ value)
  • 4 macro cheat sheets ($200 value)
  • 15+ screen-share videos ($500+ value)
  • 10+ Quizzes ($100+ value)
  • Recipe E-Book w/Macros ($100+ value)
  • 20+ Journal prompts
  • 10+ Supplemental videos
  •  Getting from A to B faster (priceless)   

Total Value: $5,300+


Nicole C., 2021

"Before I started working with Alex, I was confused about what balanced living was, with regards to food and exercise. I tried all kinds of diets such as low carb, carb cycling, intermittent fasting. I was struggling to put priorities in order. I always felt guilty working out or doing things for myself when I have my boys. She made me realize if I prioritize my health and sanity, that I would be a better mother and person.

My biggest take away is it will be ok! I can put myself first and take time out for my health, such as reading, taking a long bath. If I eat and drink too much one day, it is ok and I don’t have the guilt. And I can eat all foods in every group!

I loved how much Alex would ask questions, and made me think about challenges and what was stopping me. She gives you perimeters for food etc and nothing is off limits like other programs. She gives you the tools you need, and this program has given me the confidence to be okay with myself.

It is just more than food program, it is more of a lifestyle change."

Pssst... feel like you'd do better with just the self-paced course and a monthly Q&A with the coaches? CLICK HERE for details on MBR:Lite!

I'm the founder of Mind-Body Redesign, and I'll be your Head Coach on this journey you are embarking on!


To put things lightly, I'm sick and tired of seeing sketchy diet plans (and coaches), templates, and apps completely wreck your health, all under the guise of losing weight or getting "toned." Meanwhile, your hormones, metabolism, confidence, and relationship to food are in a downward spiral. Blanket 1,200 calorie diets, shame-based coaching, restriction, and client rosters in the triple digits are what fuel my drive to do this coaching because they are everything I strive NOT to do. I take a compassion-first, individualized approach with my clients.

So this program is my effort to make waves in the industry. To let you know that you CAN and SHOULD take up space and get strong as hell. That you deserve to eat the foods you love without guilt or shame. And that you are capable of doing hard shit. And that it's possible to break free from the chronic dieting, and experience true food freedom. 

I can't promise that this journey will be easy. It will take effort, and it will take time. But it will be so, so worth it. You deserve to feel your best, so what are you waiting for?

Oh yeah, I live in Boise, Idaho with my husband and 3 crazy doggos :)

Street Cred:
B.S. Food & Nutrition, Psychology minor
A.A.S. Culinary Arts
Certified Health Mindset Coach (HMCC)
Precision Nutrition L1

Assistant Coach

I spent 10+ years in Higher Education Administration, as well as event & meeting planning, & then decided to take some time to raise my kids at home. While I enjoyed this time with my children, I knew I needed something more - so I pursued I NASM CPT & fell in love with the world of nutrition coaching & personal training.

I have coached thousands of group classes at Orangetheory Fitness and trained many 1:1 clients, while also infusing my passion for flexible nutrition in my work. I have had my own tumultuous journey with nutrition and food and became passionate about intuitive eating & food freedom.

My mission is to help people learn that food does not have to be so challenging. It doesn’t have to consume your every moment & you don’t have to live your life obsessed by every bite you put in your mouth! I infuse my knowledge & experience with finding food freedom & breaking the shackles of extreme restriction into my coaching & my everyday interaction with the clients I train. 

It is my hope that everyone learns the importance of resistance training, especially women!

Street Cred:
B.A. Sociology
M.Ed. Higher Education Administration
Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)
NCI Level 1 Nutrition Coach
Precision Nutrition L1

“[I wanted to] find ways that I could get some time for myself, and to manage that stress better and to be happier. And now after three months of the program, I find myself having fun with my kids, I sing and dance around the kitchen. Every day is just a lot more joyful and a lot more enjoyable from start to finish.

- Maggie D., November 2021

Lea S., 2020

“I felt like I was always restricting foods, worrying about going out with friends, and obsessing over carbs. It wasn’t a life, it was spending time being afraid of food

I was tired, and tired of obsessing over what I should or shouldn’t eat. I was so afraid of carbs I wouldn’t even let myself have fruit. Alex got me to the point where now I have two fruits and day and even toast with breakfast!

If you’re struggling with body image or food, Alex will increase your confidence so that you have the tools to feel like your best self.

She always made sure that whatever goals we set I could meet at some point during our work. I would recommend her 100%!"

Mandy S., 2020

"Life before working with Alex was an all or nothing approach. I either obsessively tracked and ran myself into the ground or did nothing and threw caution to the wind. Body image was my biggest struggle, hands down. I hated my body.

I had never worked with a coach before. I was feeling stuck. What I was doing on my own wasn’t working. With each day I was feeling more and more like I didn’t know this body & didn’t know what to do, but I knew the answer would be reach out to a coach. And I knew I would encourage a loved one to do whatever it took to feel the best they could, so why couldn’t I make myself a priority?

I would definitely recommend working with her. She’s very laid back and easy to talk to! I think this is so important when working with a coach! It’s very vulnerable putting yourself out there. The work isn’t always easy or pretty but you feel comfortable and safe.

Alex, I appreciate you more than you know. Thank you for giving me the safe space I needed on the days I needed it and the kick in the ass on the other days I needed it. Thank you for helping me see that I can learn to be ok with taking up space. I can love and respect my body at all stages and I don’t need to spend my entire existence trying to shrink and lose weight. And for the first time ever I didn’t start a diet on January 1st, and it wasn’t even really a thought when thinking of the year's upcoming goals. Instead I thought about lifting heavier and eating more! Thank you!"

Stephanie S., 2020

“Before working with Alex, I had spent 10 years in the binge restrict cycle. I was over-exercising and under eating, and feeling terrible all of the time. I was moody, slept terribly, and I was so frustrated that my body didn't show the hard work I was putting in.

I knew I needed to eat more, but was still struggling going at it alone. I can honestly say I will never try a fad diet or extremely low calories again. I learned so much about how I am supposed to feel, and saw so many improvements in my strength and endurance.

I could go on about this forever. I have learned so much, & I never knew I could feel this good! So many issues (moods, stress, temper, poor sleep, fatigue, headaches) that I suffered with for years & used to blame on getting older- ALL of these things have been fixed from eating enough food!!

I really connected with her compassion, & that helped me be more compassionate with myself. I needed someone to celebrate all the things that I was doing right, & Alex is amazing at that.

This isn't the same as ANY other nutrition coaching/diet template, etc. that you have ever done. This will give you tools for an improved life that you will use forever - it's about so much more than just the food. The money is worth it, because you won't need to keep spending money trying to "fix" yourself after you are done working with her."

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